More than 70 years of experience

Headquartered in beautiful Clearwater, FL, Westination brings a collective seventy plus years of software development experience to the table. We specialize in creative solutions for businesses that can’t get what they need directly off-the-shelf. Core to our methodology is the integration of existing best-of-breed technology, along with the necessary custom components, to provide stable, effective, and scalable solutions.

Over the past decade, our focus has been service delivery. During that time, we have developed a number of supporting software products, which have been licensed and deployed among our services clientele. While we continue to engage in select services, the current focus of Westination, Inc. is to further develop and deliver these tried and tested products to the broader market.

Westination co-founders, Russell West and Kurt West, first joined forces in 2002, resulting in an energetic combination of passion, skill, and experience that continues to thrive today.

Our founders

Russell West – CEO & Co-Founder

Russell West co-founded Westination after serving as President of, an Internet enterprise integration company that provided integrated e-business infrastructure and related technology implementations. Previously, Russell held key executive positions at Comdisco, a Chicago based technology services firm, including Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, over a period of twenty-one years.

Russell also served as director of Interworld, a publicly traded Internet software development company. Russell holds a doctorate of computer science, and prior to joining Comdisco, Russell was a Professor of Computer Science at Clemson University and had worked for EDS as a software developer.

Kurt West – President & Co-Founder

Kurt West brings more than twenty years of software development, implementation, and service delivery experience to Westination. Prior to co-founding Westination, Kurt held positions with, LAVA Systems, InaCom, and Comdisco, integrating custom software development with cutting-edge technology to bring superior value to their customers.

The proliferation of the Internet, as a key cutting-edge technology, and its progressive convergence with traditional business objectives, has been a consistent theme throughout Kurt’s career. This experience makes him ideally suited to deal with today’s fast-paced, open, and diverse technology environment.

Kurt functions as both Chief Development Architect and hands-on software developer, overseeing and maintaining intimate involvement with all project initiatives.