SQL Injection ShieldTM

Small business protection for ASP.NET websites

SQL Injection is the most common attack vector for hackers attempting to steal sensitive data from database enabled websites and/or the individual visitors of such websites.

SQL Injection Shield™ offers an extremely effective and affordable method of identifying and blocking these attacks for Microsoft™ ASP.Net websites.

Visit www.SqlInjectionShield.net for complete product information.

The Threat

Reuters, Aug 7, 2012 –

Imperva, Inc. (NYSE: IMPV), a pioneer and leader of a new category of data security solutions for high-value business data in the data center, released today the results of the third Imperva Web Application Attack Report (WAAR), which reveals that the median annual attack incidents on the 50 Web applications observed was 274 times a year, with one target experiencing more than 2,700 attack incidents. […]

Our Solution


In addition to being among the very best in our field, our solution is one of the few effective options for those who host their ASP.Net websites on a shared server or cloud site.

You make no changes to DNS, IIS, or your network, which means that you can easily, safely, and quickly install it yourself. […]