Delivery Framework

Throughout more than a decade of real-world, business-critical project delivery, we have formulated an application delivery framework that provides a foundation of stability and supports rapid development and deployment.

We have delivered successful solutions across varying verticals, including manufacturing, sales, supply chain management, distribution networks, coop advertizing, defense contracting, and more. We excel at discovering and understanding the unique needs of our clients, and our proven application delivery framework helps us successfully manifest their vision.

In addition to our extensive library of proven core functionality, we employ a strict development and testing methodology. The combination of core functionality and methodology produces astonishingly bug-free results, even in first-run beta releases.

Bottom line, our delivery framework allows us to deliver solutions better, faster, and more cost effectively than most any in our field.

Select Engagement

Our customers value us because we choose our engagements very carefully and make their business our priority. We rarely engage in more than one major project at a time, and we consistently deliver successful results.

We are selective in our engagements because serious projects require serious, focused commitment. We choose projects that excite our interest, which invariably kindles a close alignment with our client's vision and objectives. Ultimately, we care as much about the success of our client's projects as they do, and that consistently correlates to success for our clientele.

Our 2015 hourly rate is $125 USD. If you have an interesting project, and you are serious about success, we would love to discuss it with you. Send us an email at or give us a call at +1 727.330.2859.