On the Launching Pad
SQL Injection Shield™ provider extension for

DNN® (formerly DotNetNuke) provides a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, partners and employees. DNN® technology is the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide.

SQL Injection Shield™ offers an extremely effective and affordable method of identifying and blocking SQL Injection attacks for any DNN® web application.

It is simple and easy to provide this protection within DNN® because the application framework supports customization in the form of extensions. A provider extension is an underlying piece of functionality that provides information/services to the rest of the DNN® installation. The DNN® platform provides an administrative user interface for easily installing and implementing third party application framework extensions.

By packaging SQL Injection Shield™ as a DNN® provider extension, we are providing the DNN® community with a seamless and familiar method of implementing our product and protecting their portals from SQL Injection attacks.

Visit www.SqlInjectionShield.net for complete product information.

In the Development Queue
Elegant, Seamless, One-Page Checkout
for PayPal Payments Advanced.

While shopping online, if you have ever become frustrated and annoyed by a cumbersome, lengthy, multi-page online checkout process, then you can understand the development vision of this project.

Any merchant should want to make it as easy and painless as possible for their customers to pay them, yet this is too frequently not the case online.

As a software developer, I am continually amazed by how poorly many checkout processes are designed. Even those that I wouldn't classify as "poorly" designed still have plenty of room for enhancement. We have a much better solution.

The inspiration began in 2002, when we launched our first online store, using the LaGarde Storefront ecommerce package. At that time, their checkout was seven pages long! We were experiencing a 25% checkout abandonment rate! Something had to be done.

We couldn't find a suitable alternative, so we decided to develop it ourselves, and in 2003 we began selling the Streamlined Checkout™ as an add-on into the LaGarde Storefront base. Our checkout turned seven steps into two and became one of LaGarde's most popular add-ons.

Over the years, we've continued to improve and enhance our vision of what a checkout should be. What we have today is quite special, and we have integrated it with PayPal Payments Advanced.

PayPal offers many great advantages to e-merchants, including cost! On average, PayPal Payments Advanced is up to 14% less expensive than other credit card processors. Plus, PayPal has reached out to a much broader base of the market, many of whom do not even have an ecommerce software package. Our "Select Checkout"™ for PayPal Payments Advanced brings an elegant and sophisticated, but low-cost and easy to implement method of seamlessly integrating PayPal Payments Advanced into existing websites.

Create payment buttons for your website
Send invoices online for fast payment
Swipe cards on your mobile phone
Access your money instantly PayPal Debit Card
Your customers can get 6 months to pay on orders of $99+. You get paid up front.